Any good community has discussion. CAL-PaH has opted to use use Telegram as a means of online discussion, and it is working very well.

We have two main Telegram groups for discussion: Awoo Alley and After Bark! Awoo Alley is a safe-for-work chat. CAL-PaH After Bark is a not-safe-for-work chat. Rules for these chats can be found below.

CAL-Pah Chat Rules

We also have an events announcement group where we post upcoming events. No discussion is allowed in this group, as only administrators are allowed to post. this is meant as an easy way to see a timeline of events, in addition to our calendar. The link to this group is

In addition to the above groups, we also offer a Members-only bulletin chat for society related things, such as meeting minutes.

If you wish to join any of the groups other than the events group, feel free to contact us to ask. In an effort to reduce the amount of bots that make their way into chats groups, we opted not to publicly post the links to our chats.


We have an active Twitter account too! In addition to posting our own stuff such as upcoming events, we enjoy liking and sharing stuff from our community. Give us a follow, and we might just follow you back!