Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are always questions and we encourage curiosity! Below are some questions that we have been asked often and we wanted to put them hear for easy reference. The questions covered here are merely the common ones and by no means covers everything. If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please send us an inquiry; we would be more than happy to answer!


How old do you have to be to be a member?

Due to the nature of our group, members are required to be at least 18 years of age.

How can I find out about events?

All of our events are posted in both our Telegram chats, as well as our Telegram Events Channel. We also post our events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Fetlife, and our own Google calendar.

How do I know what kind of gear I can wear at an event?

Each of our posters has a gear level on the bottom right corner. To find out what each gear level includes, check out the gear level page!

What if I don't have any gear?

Gear does not make a pet! As is commonly said in pet play communities, “gear is admired, but never required”!

How do I find a handler?

This is a question asked a lot in the pet play community. Sadly, there is no universal answer. The best thing to do is to try to meet and get to know as many people in the community as you can, be patient and don’t get discouraged! Part of community is building bonds with people.

What is a headspace?

A headspace is an altered state of mind that a pet player sometimes enters into when they are engaging in pet play. Their emotions and thoughts can change to become more in tune with the animal they are playing as. CAL-PaH presents some workshops periodically that delve into some topics such as this.

How do I enter a headspace?

This can change wildly from person to person. For some, wearing a certain piece of gear can trigger a headspace. For others, petting and cuddling can do the job. Some people respond to verbal triggers, such as "good pup", or "good kitten". Its about experimenting and finding what you respond to. The workshops CAL-PaH presents also often delve into this topic as well.

Can I bring friends to the events?

Most of our events are open to all, although some of them require an RSVP. We do, however, have members-only events as well, which will require a membership to attend. The event postings on Telegram and our social media will detail which category an event will fall under.

How do I get a membership?

At this time, the best thing to do would be to attend any of our events and ask a board member for a form. If you are unable to attend an event, but still wish to purchase a membership, then message any board member and they will see about making some arrangements.

How can I get more involved in CAL-PaH?

Periodically, we require a committee for various reasons, such as planning our entry into the pride parade for example. This is a great way to get involved with the community. Likewise, some of our events can be hosted by community members. Java Walkies, our monthly coffee meet, if a prime example of this. If you have a certain coffee shop in mind and want to host a Java Walkies, feel free to reach out to our event coordinator!

How can I become a board member?

Board members will be nominated by an Election Committee, based on event attendance and community involvement. There will then be an election held at our annual general meeting. A more detailed description can be found in our bylaws, which are available to members.


This list of frequently asked questions may be updated as well, so it is worth checking out periodically! Don’t be surprised if your question appears here either, that just means we thought it was a question important enough for others to know!