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Java Walkies

Join the hunt for the best cup in town!


Roughly every month, a new coffee shop around town will is selected to have a casual meet up. No expectations, no worry, no pressure: Just a relaxing cup o' joe. This Gear Level 1 event is the perfect event for those just getting into pet play, or simply curious about it. The public setting allows for a safer place for those who are apprehensive about meeting in more in depth or intimate settings or events. There is no set date, time or location for Java Walkies events, so keep an eye out for the date and location of the next one!

Have a good location in mind? Want to host a Java Walkies? Let us know! Fill out the form on our contact page with the subject "Java Walkies", and our event coordinator will be more than happy to help you set something up!

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Join the hunt for the best cup in town!

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