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About Us

An intention, a mission and a whole lot of ambition


Our Intention

Calgary Pets and Handlers is an officially incorporated society founded by, comprised of and for people in Calgary and surrounding area into animal role-play. Animal role-play, also known also known as Pet Play, has become an immersive sub-culture with groups like us popping up all over the world


Our Mission

We are dedicated to educating people about the joy of Pet Play, leather and kink culture. As an all-inclusive group, we are happy to do our best to include individuals of any sex, gender, ability, ethnicity, sexual preference or religion. Our goal is to show case this lifestyle, help provide knowledge as well as accountable, safer spaces to explore Pet Play and kink culture.


Our Ambition

Our objective is to create accountable spaces, sometimes within other spaces, in order to grow and foster a like-minded community, and holding space in hope people feel more comfortable being there. We promote awareness and positivity around animal role-play, and thus provide opportunities for learning about, experiencing and creating connections with other people interested in animal role play through meet ups, workshops and other types of events.

Our values, which can be found below, are our guiding principals. These values are something that CAL-PaH considers in all operations in an effort to promote equity and fairness.

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