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CAL-PaH Mosh

Caught in a mosh!


What is it like in a mosh? Lights low, playful growling— on all fours with fists clenching. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Want a treat? Chomp, chomp, chomp! Wanna play fetch? Roll over? Tug-o-war?! Good pup! Who’s a pretty pony? Clomp, clomp, clomp! Do you want more? What is it? Caught in a mosh!

A social gathering for pet players, a mosh is a space –with some mats, wrestling or otherwise—where pet players tumble and gambol around. It is meant as a public space where people can get into their pet or handler headspace. The term “mosh” means to engage in frenzied activity, which is fairly apt for the ruff’n’tumble nature of pets playing around.

Twisted Element has graciously invited us in to host a mosh on the third Saturday of every other month! As our hallmark Gear Level 3 event, this gives every pet and handler an opportunity to deck out in what ever gear makes them happy (just remember that gear is admired, but never required)!

Please remember to support Twisted Element, maybe buy a drink or two (alcoholic or not) and tip your bar tender! We are very thankful to have been invited in by them!

There are 3 main areas at a CAL-PaH mosh: The Mosh proper, The Green and the Cuddle Cloud. Each of these areas has its own purpose which is laid out below.

The Mosh proper is where the event gets its namesake: an area of thicker black mats bordered by regular mats where pets can get down on all fours and tussle! Handlers and trainers can get some tricks and teaching in as well. For the majority of the event, the mosh area is a free-for-all. However, there is usually an ice breaker at the beginning of the event, as well as a headspace friendly game planned. Don’t know how to mosh? Don’t worry, there’s no one way—ah, do the best you can do!

Click here to view Mosh Rules!

It’s not always easy getting into the right mindset for a mosh. We understand that it can also be hard trying to get into that mindset when there are other pets rumbling and tumbling around you. That is why CAL-PaH has devised a special area of mats with the sole purpose of getting into the right head space, whether you are a pet or a handler.


Rules for the Green can be found here!

Moshing takes a lot out of a person! This area of blue coloured mats is designated for those who need to take a breather. No rough housing is allowed on these mats but that’s alight! Some pets are meant for the lap, and that’s ok!

Cloud Rules Can be viewed here.

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