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Doggy Paddle


Splish splash, let's have a bash!

Doggy Paddle is Gear Level 2 event that lets us get our paws wet! This summer event takes CAL-PaH into the water at one of Calgary’s outdoor pools.

Hop into the cool water with your hood on! That’s right, this private event lets us go swimming with out hoods on. Pool water, while typically chlorinated, won’t harm neoprene hoods with proper care. Simply rinse the hood after exiting the pool and gently wash with a soft, unscented, colourless soap. CAL-PaH has found that even after several swims, with proper care, the pool water doesn’t even discolour white Scuba knit neoprene (the neoprene sandwiched between two layers of fabric). Note that proper swim wear is required as this event is in a public space.

The focus for this event is purely fun! What’s more fun that splashing around, wading or even just dipping your paws in some cool water on a hot day?!

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of our next Doggy Paddle when swim season opens!

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