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Some people look for a delightful place, others make a place delightful

An critical part of community is fostering accountable spaces. CAL-PaH aims to do this by hosting a variety events, each with its own aim. Some events are dedicated to specific facet and are meant to promote it, much like our Romp does with body positivity. Some events, like Java Walkies, gives community members a chance to host and hold the spotlight and feel their place within the community. The Social on the other hand, has an emphasis on the community as a whole, without focus on any one individual.

Likewise, we understand that different people are looking for different things in  community. As such, different events have varying degrees of involvement. Some are casual, public events for those who may be more timid or just want to check things out, like Java Walkies. Others, like the Mosh are more involved. People are welcome to join in the events they are comfortable with. Public events are open to the public, while private events are members or invite only. Casual events tend to be those held in public spaces with no real agenda in mind (like Java Walkies).  An open event welcomes anyone willing to participate, while a closed event is limited in who may attend. These varying degrees of involvement also grant people the option of getting involved at their own pace; going to casual events for a while before jumping all in. Though, if you want to jump in, that's fine too!

It is important to create spaces with purpose, and for the different parts of community. This includes a creating a space for specifics: specifically for pups, specifically for ponies, specifically for sex positivity, specifically for women in the community, etc. Why is this so? Part of building a community is having spaces where everyone can come together to support, but also having spaces that allows people to have their own space, and allow for their own purpose and feel.

Upcoming events can be found posted on our social media, and Telegram groups. 

We put a lot of thought into our events. We try to ask ourselves "what does the community stand to gain from this event?", "are we doing harm by inviting people to such an event?", "is this event accessible, physically and otherwise?" and similar questions. This is because community is more than just hanging out. Yet, while we do our best to live up to these goals, no plan is infallible. If you have suggestions to make our spaces and events even better, please let us know!

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