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Pups and Pints


A brew or two, with friends like you!

Work is hard. We work all day for most of the week, for most of the month! Sometimes it’s nice to do away with all the hum-drum and relax before getting back into the routine. Some like to have a brew or two. Some like to put on their pup hoods. At CAL-PaH, we like to do both.

This Gear Level 2 event embraces the invitation of Cold Garden, one of Calgary’s finest microbreweries. Cold Garden has welcomed us on the first Tuesday of every month to share in their fine taste of select craft beers. As a dog friendly venue, they were happy to even let us wear our pup hoods inside the venue too, as long as any face coverings are put until after entering the venue (for safety reasons).

Pups & Pints is on a similar level as the Social; it is a gathering in a public space meant for socializing and building friendly bonds. The space itself is a little more visible, but as a mid-week event, it provides two different key elements: a chance for people who cannot make weekend events to socialize, as well as being a somewhat lower key, less boisterous event than the Social.

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