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CAL-PaH Romp

Sensuality, sexuality, embodied.


A member’s only event, CAL-PaH’s Romp is also currently our only Gear Level 4+ event. It is meant as the last step in regards to depth of involvement.

The Romp is a 4-hour event, split into two parts. The first 2 hours are clothing optional and are dedicated to body positivity; all bodies are wonderful, no matter what shape, scars or size. Body positivity is the encouragement to view bodies of all types in a positive manner and accepting our own bodies, as well as the bodies of others.

The second 2 hours are meant promote a positive attitude towards not just sex, but sexuality as well. This means having positive attitudes about sex and feeling comfortable with one’s own sexual identity, as well as others. There are many forms of sexuality, each just as valid as the next. Another aspect of sex positivity aims to support consensual sexual behavior, as well as promoting comfort of exploring such behavior. Sex and sexuality are a healthy part of life that should be enjoyed; they should not be taboo subjects.

People should be able to discuss sex, sexuality, and body positivity without shame, awkwardness or judgement of oneself or others. The goal of this event—this space— is to have an area where people are free to explore the more sensual side of pet play and the mosh environment.

Consent is an important part of any gathering and community, especially one such as this. As such, it is important to remember that being sex positive doesn’t mean one is required to engage in sex or any sexual play. The first two hours of this event can be used to get into the groove of things, so to say; to get more comfortable. However, if all you want is to enjoy the positive atmosphere, then you’re welcome to do just that!

There are a few additional rules at a Romp. We ask that you follow these rules, as they allow for more liberation of activities within the mosh. You can view these Romp Rules here.

All that being said, what makes this mosh special is that it is a place where you can explore the more sensual side of pet play.

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