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Chat Guidelines

Discourse is a cornerstone of community. It is a place where we can share our trials and triumphs, support each other and build ourselves, others, and the community as a whole, up. This is why we have created two telegram chat groups: a PG chat (Awoo Alley) and a Not Safe for Work chat (After Bark). CAL-PaH is dedicated to providing safe, accountable spaces, including online spaces. As such, we ask that you please be responsible and respectful of the others while participating within the chat rooms. Your conduct should be polite, courteous, and follow the guidelines below.


General Chat Rules


Chat rules are strictly enforced and hold a zero-tolerance policy for violations, outlined below.


  1. All members must be at least 18 years of age upon joining the chat. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to stay. 


  1. Discrimination, Shaming, Trolling, Flaming and / or Doxing are Forbidden (Definitions/Expansion below)

    1. Discrimination of biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, pronouns, race, ethnicity, physical ability, mental ability, body shape/size, relationships, relationship status, religion, fetishes, interests or sexuality/sexual orientation are all listed in this category.

    2. Trolling; the act of distracting and sowing discord by posting inflammatory, digressive, off-topic messages. 

    3. Flaming, posting provocative or offensive content with the purpose of provoking a hostile response.

    4. Doxing and/or outing of person(s): Posting private conversations, and/or personal information without the explicit consent of all those involved.


  1. Be Polite: Respect the opinions and practices of others in the room(s). Even if there is disagreement. We encourage healthy debate. To keep the debate healthy however, it needs to be done respectfully. If a debate has reached a destructive point, moderators will ask to move on from the topic, or to take the current topic into a private chat if both parties are willing/consenting to continue to be part of the discussion.


  1. Do not divulge personal information. For personal safety reasons, it is advised against disclosing your real name (specifically your last name), home address, telephone number or Full birth date. If this information has to be exchanged, we ask that it takes place in a private message, and not in the group chat. You can however announce that it is your birthday or that it is coming up, but be aware that this is an open public chat where everyone will have that information searchable and available.


  1. We ask that spamming is kept to a minimum, as it disrupts the flow of conversation. This applies to text, emoticons, stickers and GIFs. This includes repetitive or disruptive posts.


  1. Do not jump into conversations with unrelated content interrupting it and expecting a response or the conversation to move for you. This includes posting pictures, Gifs, Memes and stickers. If you would like to shift the topic, please do so by engaging and taking the steps to steer the conversation. If you are not able to steer the conversation, take a step back and try again later as it may not have been a good time.


Awoo Alley Rules


Awoo Alley is a PG rated chat that follows all general rules, disciplinary action and safe space guidelines as mentioned above. The following rules also apply solely to the CAL-PaH Awoo Alley chat.


  1. As a PG rated chat, no nudity or suggestive content is allowed. Material that is pet play in nature is allowed as long as they are not overtly sexual or sexualized. No "private parts" are allowed including nipples. In addition, this applies to all forms of art: photography, video, drawing and otherwise.


  1. Talk pertaining to gender identity, fetish, gear, 2SLGBTQIA+ matters and such is allowed as long as it doesn’t become overtly sexual. We realize this is still fetish-based community, but the purpose of this chat is to provide a safe space, separate from the sexualized aspects.


CAL-PaH After Bark Rules


CAL-PaH After Bark is a Not Safe for Work Chat that follows all general rules, disciplinary action and safe spaces guidelines as mentioned above. Nudity and suggestive content is allowed (including genitalia). This applies to conversations and all forms of art: photography, video, drawing, etc. The following rules also apply solely to the NSFW CAL-PaH After Bark chat. 


  1. Some topics sexualized or otherwise in nature are forbidden. For example; beastiality/zoophillia, pedophilia, snuff/murder.


  1. Nazi, racist or discriminatory imagery is not allowed, but conversations regarding it are subject to review in favor of chat safety. If you are asked to end the conversation by moderation, continuation will be subject to disciplinary action. 


  1. In respect of individual boundaries, use a content warning "CW:" and the spoiler feature for any conversations or media that contains extreme kinks, bodily fluids or skin breaking damage.


  1. Seek consent before DMing individuals. If someone wishes not to be hit on, sexualized or objectified, do not do so.


  1. No kink shaming is allowed. If content arises that is allowed, but you personally do not like or engage in, you can simply not engage with the material or the discussion and come back to the chat at a later time. There is no need for comments of displeasure like “eww”, for this reason which would be discriminatory. 


Discord Chat and Gaming Servers


CAL-PaH’s Discord channel follows much of the same rules as those laid out above:


  1. The Awoo Alley and CAL-PaH After Bark text channels follow the same rules as the chats they are named after.


  1. Voice channels follow the same guidelines as text channels. All channels are to be considered Safe for Work unless otherwise stated; a few exceptions include Channels labeled NSFW and the Cards Against Humanity Channels.


  1. In-game chat channels follow the SFW guidelines as well.


  1. While swearing is not prohibited, please keep it to a minimum. In addition, no discriminatory slurs will be tolerated.


  1. If you are frustrated with a game, please feel free to take a break and come back.


  1. Some games are naturally competitive, but we ask that you keep your competitive behavior in check to prevent it from becoming toxic. This includes “Trash Talk”.


  1. Griefing, the deliberate act of irritating and/harassing another player by using the game mechanics in unintended ways, is not allowed.


  1. Spawn camping, positioning yourself at the spawn point of another player in order to kill them again immediately upon respawning, is strictly forbidden.


  1. While there are some measures in place to prevent stealing loot from other players, it is worth noting that this behavior is highly frowned upon.


Creating a safer space


Emotions, even negative ones, are valid, and we do not wish to invalidate feelings. Part of building community is being there for one another. Community is listening to, supporting and helping each other when we are able. Safer space guidelines apply to both the SFW Awoo Alley chat, NFSW CAL-PaH After Bark chat and Discord/ Gaming servers (including in-game), both text and voice.


  1. Self deprecation is normal, and in smaller quantities can be used as a way of dealing with stress. It can become unhealthy though. We ask that self-deprecating comments, if used, be kept lighthearted.


  1. Hyperbole comments that are references to self harm or afflictions that people may have, will not be tolerated. Such comments include “If A happens, I’ll shoot myself” or “I’m triggered”. This is because such comments, when used as a hyperbole, downplay the serious topics and conditions that they refer to.


  1. If you are in need and think you need help, please reach out to someone you trust. If you reach out to one of the board members, they will help within their capacity.


Please try and limit negative comments as these have a tendency not to help anyone's trading. Alternatively, try to put the comment in a positive light. The use of negative metaphors has a tendency to amplify negative emotions.


Disciplinary Action


These are the methods in which chat admins will deal with infractions to the rules. Disciplinary actions apply to: PG Awoo Alley chat, NFSW CAL-PaH After Bark chat, Discord/ Gaming servers (including in-game)for both text and voice.


  1. 1. Moderators reserve the right to warn, mute or remove anyone from the room for violating any of these guidelines or for any other behavior that is deemed to be inappropriate.


  1. 2. Violations of the above-mentioned rules will be met with disciplinary action at the discretion of the CAL-PaH board. Including but not limited to:


  1. X number of Hour(s) and/or day(s) muting or banning. Length of ban will be determined based on the discretion of the board members of CAL-PaH.


  1. Any one that continues to exhibit any violations stated above could be met with permanent removal of any and/or all Chat rooms currently being run by CAL-PaH.


  1. Membership(s) of the person(s) in violation may be suspended or put on probation based on severity of violations.

  2. If a member is banned, they may appeal the decision, but the appeal will be subject to a review by the board. This appeal process will take multiple factors into consideration. If allowed back, a probationary period may be implemented upon return to the chats. This period will be stated by the current board on consideration of the offense.

  3. Anyone placed on probation for any reason will be required to sign a probation agreement, acknowledging their probationary conditions.

  4. In the event of a permanent ban and/or removal of membership(s) CAL-PaH Chats and/or Events; no refunds for memberships will be issued.


If there is a conflict between these rules/policies and those of the CAL-PaH bylaws, as the case may be, CAL-PaH bylaws prevail. These chat rules are subject to change.

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