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CAL-PaH's Gear Score

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is "what can/should I wear to an event?" To help cut down on the confusion, we wanted to create an easy way for people to know what is appropriate attire at our events. The solution we came up with is our Gear Level Guide. Each level corresponds to the type of attire welcome at a certain event, denoted by a number from 0 to 4.

These symbols can be found in the bottom right corner of all out event posters and notices.

We believe this continuity to be important because it makes it easier for you, the people

attending the events, to find the information. After all, these events are for you!


Gear Level 0

No gear: casual clothing and street legal required. Prints on clothing must be tasteful. No subtle gear, including collars. We figure this gear level will rarely, if ever, be used, but it stands a base line.

Gear Level 1

Street legal, casual attire is required at level 1 events. Subtle gear such as collars are fine. No hoods, tails, visible harnesses or leashes.

Gear Level 2

This is where the fun really starts! Street legal, casual attire is required. Casual in this sense can include kink friendly prints on shirts. However, Hoods and show tails are allowed! Please note that hoods cannot be worn until after entering the venue, for safety reasons. Leashes are not permitted.

Gear Level 3

All gear and clothing is required to be street legal; no nudity allowed. However, all gear is welcome, including leashes! Fursuits are also allowed at this level. All face coverings cannot be worn until after entering the venue.

Gear Level 4

Events labeled Gear Level 4 are kink friendly: all gear is welcome! These events are even clothing optional! All face coverings cannot be worn until after entering the venue.

Gear Level 4+

Gear level 4+ is the same as Gear level 4: kink friendly/ clothing optional. However, these events have the bonus of being sex positive too! Note that a sex positive event does not require one to engage in any activity. The point of a sex positive event is to encourage a positive attitude towards sex, sexuality and bodies of all types

     What does "casual clothing" mean? It refers to clothing worn on both the bottom-half as well as the top-half that is relaxed, yet tasteful.While we do not wish to dictate what someone should wear, as that is most definitely you choice, we do want to acknowledge that some attire is more or less appropriate in certain places and at certain times. For example, our Java Walkies event is meant to be a lower key event, and welcome to new comers who may be shy. Likewise, many of the venues who welcome us may have differing levels of comfort, and we wish to respect them, and their other customers.

     Likewise, street legal attire refers to clothing that covers all genitalia, in accordance with law. This may include the buttocks (or at least the intergluteal cleft). Please note that insert-able toys are prohibited at all non-sex positive events, as CAL-PaH lacks the means to properly sanitize should an incident occur. Likewise, fetishes that require sanitation, such as diapers, are not strictly prohibited, but are advised against.

     Some events and venues may have dress codes. These dress codes will still apply. However, if there is a dress code, it will be mentioned in the event information.

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