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The Board

The Board of Directors strives to uphold our community's values and goals. Community is about building people up and making sure they have a voice; a duty that each board member takes with pride. As community members themselves, this board has taken to the task of doing the best they can to support, facilitate, and encourage community and community building.




Timber has been a part of the pet play community for around 4 years, and was interested in pet play for even a few years before that. He is both a pup and a handler, and currently handles two pups.

Having held a position on a board for the first time, Timber started as Treasurer in November of 2017. In the spring of 2018, he took over  position of Communications Manager. In a unanimous decision to put communication at the forefront of our endeavors, Timber was voted into Presidency in January of 2019.


The Tallest


Vice President

Imber describes themself as a masculine enby, demon puppy-goat! Curious about petplay for many years, Imber started getting into the petplay community when Covid hit. Luckily, they were still able to find ways to participate and make some meaningful connections! They're passionate about their work as a pharmacy assistant, where the majority of their experience has been with addictions and vulnerable populations. 

Imber enjoys writing, painting figures, and learning new things. They also enjoy folklore and the supernatural, as well as anything cute and spooky. They can be a shy creature, but  are also friendly, promise! Feel free to come say hi at any Calpah events!





You wanted Chaotic Good? You found the right PuppyCat. Self proclaimed as the original PuppyCat, a nickname his dad gave him when he was just a teen, it’s part of his petplay-sona now in memory of his dad. He is just a big silly sweetheart most of the time, but when Keety is not causing light chaos for amusement, he can be found enjoying the company of his friends, photographing or hiding away playing Endless hours of Stardew Valley.

If you want to talk about Rubber/latex, he is more than happy to partake in the conversation, or if you wanna add/switch to shibari/rope play, you are pandering to his interests! 

Come say hi, Ask for a hug, they are rated 4.8 stars on Yelp!





As the new addition to both the community and the Board, Calan has enjoyed learning, exploring, and getting to know the community all while feeling welcomed and appreciated. With a diploma in Hospitality, as well as his work history as a receptionist, Calan’s strong organizational, motivational and management skills mesh well with his role as secretary. He is particularly proud of his organizational behavior and situational handling skills. A few of his hobbies include mysteries, puzzles, working out, and really enjoys when these are combined with gaming! Although shy and anxious, he enjoys meeting new people.

He/ Him/ They/ Them



Member at Large

As a founder of CAL-PaH, Berith has worked hard to bring pet play to the prairies, helping foster a local community from experiences gathered from across Canada. He has had the pleasure of being a guest Judge for the Northwest Puppy and Handler contest in 2015. He has taught several different workshops on pet play on many occasions at venues like the Calgary Eagle, Fur-Eh and the Black Eagle in Toronto. He has several published works ranging from poetry, to an article on puppy play in the a global fetish magazine Instigator. Berith finds joy in his position on the board, along with his additional duties as Event Coordinator.

Berith has a passion for bootblacking, and has earned himself a household name in the local leather and kink communities as the go-to bootblack. His other passions include entomology, genetics, body modification, philosophy, poetry, queer and disability studies.

They/ Them  He/ Him

All Board member portraits curtesy of the Picrew Cool Kid Maker developed by @buffalobellie on Twitter. Their maker can be found at Cool Kid Maker.

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